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The LGBT Avatars initiative for the 2014 Prague Pride Parade built a bridge between radically different cultural and political regimes. The oppressed LGBT communities were able to express freely in the Prague Parade, even if they couldn’t in their own countries, while people in the Western Europe got involved to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters. The campaign spoke directly to people, engaging them to take action against intolerance by becoming avatars for the oppressed LGBT. By connecting the pro gay communities with less free people around the world, a new social network was born: a free, unmonitored and safe space where anyone can make her voice heard.


Due to the difficult situation of gay and lesbians in oppressive states, the media was adapted to their needs. Targeted Google and Youtube ads, contextualised banners and ads on blogs and pro gay communities, leaflets distributed by local communities in underground clubs promoted the LGBT Avatars initiative. The microsite was protected by a 256 bit encrypted firewall so they could express freely and safely. On the other hand, the mobile component of the campaign enhanced the richness of the event experience. The avatars live streamed the event, sent and received messages, basically became the eyes and ears of their counterparts.


Out of the 17000 participants in Prague Pride Parade, over 1000 were avatars marching proudly in the name of as many LGBT people from intolerant countries. Thousands of messages, photos, live streamed videos were exchanged in the day of the Parade and many connections remained active after. Although the campaign was addressed primarily to countries in Central and Eastern Europe, we registered participation from 22 countries worldwide. The idea echoed in the mainstream media and was applauded by pro LGBT spokesmen and international celebrities, but a general audience too, while other gay pride organizations showed their interest in adopting the idea. The discussion about the situation of LGBT rights in intolerant regimes was again in focus in local and international media as well as the need to take action to support the LGBT people in these oppressive regimes.

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