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BETC, Paris / LACOSTE / 2016






Lacoste is a French clothing brand, created in 1933 by a mythic tennis player, René Lacoste, who by the way invented a very specific piece of clothing: the L1212 knitwear polo. He put a crocodile on it and the polo became known worldwide.

But today, are Lacoste’s potential buyers tennis players? No. They wear giant sports brands like Nike or Adidas on the one hand, and Ralf Lauren on the other hand. They talk about sports and fashion and spread the latest trends on sneakers.

In the end of 2013, after 2 years of steady turnover and failed attempts to get into fashion, Lacoste had no product features to sell them, no other specificity to offer other than the new iconic polo colors of the season. How to recreate desire for the brand, while maintaining an absolutely necessary link to its sports DNA?

We told people about the sport which is probably the most demanding, which requires the most from them: life, daily life. And in life what is the most difficult game? Love. Yes a kiss can be an achievement, a feat, a once in a lifetime match: see the film. This vision – life is a beautiful sport – clearly appeared as the only way for Lacoste to regain uniqueness, desirability, focus and premium value. Yes life in the city can really be a sport and its spectacular performers can fuel conversation: see the Zach King vines. Yes a clothing brand – desperate for fashion – can get the polo out of the tennis court and turn into a lifestyle brand.

3 KPI were expected from the campaign (TV, press, digital): KPI#1: SALES. Sales volume increased 8% vs. 2013 to reach an historical high, with peaks connected to the campaigning vs. the sales & other big promotional times: +11% in turnover during the Feb/March, May/June and November 2014 vs. 2013. On the polo (+6%) but also on leather goods (+ 60%), on shoes (+33%) and textile (+4%)15.

KPI #2: BRAND IMAGE. Impact of the campaign exposure on desirability – effortlessly elegant (+16 points), makes me stand out (+17 points), makes me dream (+20 points) –, modernity - is creative & innovative: (+16 points) – relevance – “suits my lifestyle” (+13 points) – price justification – “is worth the investment” (+13 points), “offers high quality products” (+6 points)16.

KPI#3: ABILITY TO GENERATE CONVERSATION. 24 million views (1,7 of which on the first week of the launch), 2nd most viewed fashion and luxury apparel brand commercial on YouTube behind Louis Vuitton’s Bowie film (33,6M), 96% positive comments17. Zach King vines generated 9 Million views, and the music (Disclosure you & me remixed by Flume) became a worldwide hit. Outstanding increase of the social media footprint: Facebook 14,2 millions fans +14%, twitter 735 000 followers +42%, Instagram 582 000 followers +400%.

Today the Lacoste campaign is still alive, and proves to be a true brand asset.

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