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Nike+ Training Club

AKQA, London / NIKE / 2017


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Launched in 2010, Nike Training Club for women put a personal trainer into every pocket. With in-excess of 21m downloads it redefined the fitness landscape.

Through their unique insights and knowledge of training behaviours, Nike begun to see change. Not just a passing phase but a complete shift in culture and the training mindset. Gender and level no longer separates us. We’re all athletes taking part in the same sport, with the shared goal of becoming our best.

It was time to reset our understanding of athletes and reinvent the app for an entirely new perspective on training.

Through research driven design, we had 3 key experience objectives. Extend the experience to all genders. Create a service for every fitness level. Expand workout types to cater for a wider range training.

After a year-long journey, in 2016 we launched the reinvented Nike+ Training Club to power today’s athletic mindset.


Product innovation starts with innovating the way you work. Built for athletes by athletes, our design was driven by research.

We built a full-service test lab in our office, mirroring test environments at Nike. We then began recruitment drives and using prototypes of every fidelity, tested relentlessly, observing natural behaviours to identify problems and their patterns.

Our approach wasn’t traditional app development. We created ‘feature teams’ made up design, user experience and developers, to run independently, but overseen by project leads for alignment.

We adopted Atomic Design Methodologies, working alongside Nike and 3rd parties to develop a design system that could extended beyond N+TC and into every Nike Digital touchpoint.

After a year, we launched N+TC and unveiled Nike’s new training philosophy with an experience that works for everyone across the core pillars of Strength, Endurance and Mobility.

Two ways to work out, every level covered. Replicating behaviours witnessed in gyms, N+TC provides a full guidance video view for beginners to follow, and a simple checklist view for those who are more confident and need less assistance.

A good trainer assesses. A great trainer listens. We developed an adaptive training engine that learns from behaviour. Tell us how hard you pushed and we’ll combine it with personal data, to give you training at the right intensity and focus, next time.

Shaking the training up keeps people coming back. From body weight based sessions, to partner workouts, to incorporating heavy equipment; 100+ new workouts keep training fresh.

Training is life, not an hour in the gym. The app connects you with experts for advice, recommends product and drops community challenges. All personalised to the user.


In the first six months, the reinvented Nike+ Training Club app has reinvigorated its army of existing users while powering a whole new generation of athletes.

- An 120% increase in active users.

- From a 3 star App store rating, to 4.5 stars.

Existing users are championing the reinvented Nike+ Training Club.

“Had this app for 5 years and it keeps getting better with every update” Dylan Phillips – App Store Review

While new users are seeing it as a long-term training companion.

“It’s great for beginners and allows for progression” Derick – App Store Review

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