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ANR.BBDO, Stockholm / TCO / 2014

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Sweden has a unique model that regulates the labour market - the Swedish Model. The model's survival depends on a high union organization degree - therefore the model needs more fans. The idea is based on the insight that the Swedish Model gives Swedes benefits only available to the very richest in other countries. As Swedes we are breastfed with American culture and we just love it when Americans says something nice about our little country up in the north.

So we created an online film starring a rich American living ”Like a Swede”, i.e. enjoying the benefits given to Swedes by the Swedish Model. The film made Swedes proud of the Swedish Model and generated interest and news coverage abroad. The fact that the Swedish Model were of interest to others made Swedish news offices, bloggers and influencers champion the Swedish Model. The awareness of the Swedish Model increased by 100% and became one of the top 10 most shared adverts in Sweden of all time.


The limited media buy was intended to open up for viral spread and enable both dialogue and debate. The majority of the budget was therefore put on social video marketing including Twitter, in order to maximize earned media.

At launch, TCO utilized their internal channels and networks all over the world to get YouTube to acknowledge the video as trending.

We let a few selected influential Swedish politicians, journalists and bloggers see the film exclusively. Like a Swede became the most shared video ad within 24 hours after the launch. And as we provided Swedish media with american news coverage of the campaign, the film stayed at number one as the most shared video in Sweden during the first week of the campaign. The implementation of the PR plan was about to make maximum use of the buzz it created. 


Like a Swede exceeded all goals.

TCO met with 100 % (all) of the young presidents of the parliamentary parties’ youth associations.

The awareness among the primary target audience increased with 100%.

The media value was estimated to more than 1000% higher than the invested value.

The viral spread across 221 countries and discussions took off leaving us with approximately 42 000+ shares and 113 000+ social actions all over Internet.

Like a Swede has generated 615,000+ views on YouTube and is one of the top 10 most viral adverts in Sweden of all time.

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