Cannes Lions

Lil' Sweet

DEUTSCH LA, Los Angeles / DR. PEPPER / 2017







Everyone deserves a sweet reward sometimes, and there is no sweeter reward than a visit from Lil’ Sweet. He’s a tiny lil’ pop star with an endless supply of Diet Dr Pepper—the sweetest diet soda around.

In this spot, we see two cowboys patching up a broken fence. Suddenly, Lil’ Sweet appears with his glittery guitar, riding a tiny horse. After dismounting, he shows off his sweet quick draw and presents some Diet Dr Pepper to the two thirsty cowboys. As they enjoy their sweet reward, Lil’ Sweet celebrates with a fancy lasso trick. Impressed, the two cowboys offer him a job, but he respectfully declines. A tiny pop star’s work is never done, and he has places to go and Diet Dr Pepper to deliver.

The cowboys have trouble remembering his name, but Lil’ Sweet has no trouble reminding them—even from on a mountain several miles away.

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