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I conceived that when seen from a new perspective, even everyday objects have creative potential. These posters were made by firstly cutting the images of a person, fruit, cosmetic product, ice cream and others horizontally in half, and then, putting the upper and lower sections of the images of two different items together. Thus, two totally unrelated designs were linked and a completely new story was created.

These were the most suitable images for the LINK OF LIFE Exhibition because the concept of the event was that the LINK between researchers, companies and brands would give rise to new possibilities far beyond their imagination. I believe that the posters have successfully inspired the viewers and captured their imagination.


First, we cut the images of everyday items horizontally in half and put two totally unrelated articles together as the upper and lower sections of the image to be created. Then, we selected ones that were beautiful and told a new story. The combinations sometimes produced interesting results. We reviewed more than 600 patterns. Focusing on selecting the combination of images that would produce something unique and interesting both as a photo and a video, we produced 24 combinations.

As we had to work with an extremely small budget for photo shooting materials had to be readily available. Other than hiring a photo model, we had no choice but to use things found around us or sold in a supermarket. But this restriction might have helped develop and refine our idea.


The KPI to measure the success of the exhibition was set at 2,500 visitors in 6 days. As the venue was one of our offices, the situation was not promising. But the exhibition was constantly crowded and had more than 4,000 visitors. In the questionnaire survey, 96.1% wrote the contents of the exhibits were interesting. In the free comment section, many respondents noted that they visited the exhibition because they wanted to see the images on the posters.

The images were so popular that when the exhibition was over, posters and handy bags with the same designs were displayed in Shiseido The Ginza, Shiseido’ flagship store, for one month, which attracted consumers’ attention, resulting in an increase of 119% year on year in the number of customers to the store.

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