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DON'T PANIC, London / CHILDLINE / 2017

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Tackling a growing issue amongst a demographic known for discounting the advice of institutions and adults is no easy task, so we encouraged them to #ListenToYourSelfie.

We created two films; ‘The Party’ and ‘The Game’, which told genuine stories in a genuine way.

‘The Party’ was aimed at girls to highlight peer-to-peer relationship abuse. Whilst ‘The Game’, aimed at boys and focused on a same-sex online grooming scenario.

The films were designed to highlight realistic situations where CSE might take place in a way that was relatable and unpatronising. The films were also promoted on Snapchat where you could swipe to view full film within the platform.


In order to reach this difficult to access audience we used various social channels in which they operate. The two pieces of hero content were released on Facebook and Youtube as well as being edited into vertical video format for Snapchat. We also created supporting image & gif assets for all of Childline’s social channels, including Instagram to increase reach and longevity for the campaign.

It was a UK wide campaign that ran for two weeks with coverage on ITV News, The Independent, Mail Online & The Sun.


3.5 million views

80% audience retention

400%+ traffic to website

500%+ website users & 300%+in new visitors with an average dwell time of 4 min.

100%+ Instagram followers

Instagram GIF was most successful post ever

36% swipe-up rate on the Snapchat story (Snapchat benchmark is 5%).

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