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OMD NEW ZEALAND, Auckland / SONY / 2011

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To recruit our LBP2 content creator we partnered up with New Zealand’s leading gaming website, Prior to launch, we ran a competition seeking New Zealand’s best LBP2 creator. The winner received a job creating LBP2 levels, a Fanatics dream!We then enlisted local celebrities, each representing a key target segment. They each worked with the competition winner and developed a level that reflected their interests and passions.Magazines were selected for each target segment and the celebrity-designed levels were incorporated into editorial placements, showcasing the game’s features. The magazine content highlighted the appeal of the game for the target including interviews with the celebrities on their level designing experiences - making it relevant and interesting to the reader.

Rounding out the campaign, each of the celebrity levels was made available online on The PlayStation Network. Consumers could experience the levels themselves once they’d purchased the game.


We delivered a localised campaign that reached five different segments in a relevant and unique way.Fanatics were engaged by the opportunity to become a LBP2 creator with 3,140 visits to the competition. This also generated gaming hype prior to launch. The remaining segments were delivered interesting, customised content that showcased key features of the game.And this all translated into sales success with targets exceeded by 33%, a figure made more impressive given the game release was moved from pre-Christmas to January (the worst possible time for a game launch, the middle of the New Zealand Summer).

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