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Local Business Never Looked So Good

CANON, Sborg / CANON / 2018


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When you search for a place to visit on Google, you make quick judgement calls based on the images you see.

Unfortunately Google’s search results are flooded with inferior mobile photography, causing small, local businesses to suffer. Just think about it. Unlike big brands such as Start Bucks and Dominos, small businesses don’t have the resources to brand themselves with great photography.

However, we discovered that by using Google’s new social image based review platform, Local Guides, it’s possible to control the images that pop up in Google’s search results. Thus, we inspired and rallied Canon fans to help their local businesses with the power of their great Canon photography, and with Canon’s app easily upload their photos to the Google Local Guides platform.


We teamed up with Google Local Guides, and got a unique sign-up link for Canon fans to use (used for tracking results and retargeting). Next, we got local photographers and influencers to start helping their favourite small, local businesses by using their superior Canon photography to change the business imager on Google search results simply by uploading it to Google Local Guides.

Next, we used the influencers photography to inspire and rally Canon fans through Facebook, Instagram and newsletters to start helping their small, local businesses too.

We used organic and paid Instagram posts on @canonnordic and the influencers SoMe accounts; Paid posts on Google Local Guides and Google Maps. The campaign was live May 16th 2017 until June 7th 2017, and with 46 social content elements across the Nordic markets it rallied more than 22,000 Canon fans to help their small, local business with their Canon photography.


The socially driven campaign directly inspired more than 22,000 Canon fans who helped their small, local businesses look great by transforming their imagery on Google maps using their Canon cameras. The fans uploaded more than 327,000 photos and reviews to Google Local Guides, which helped 43% of the small, local businesses to experience a sales increase. The campaign reached almost 20.000 million people, and the Youtube tutorials was watched more than 1,7 million times. What’s more, by harnessing the power of social media and googles social platform we caught Google’s attention and in May 2017, Google changed the image algorithm to recognise and prioritise great photography. And now, local businesses never looked so good. Thanks to the power of Canon photography.

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