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TBWA\RAAD, Dubai / KFC / 2020

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KFC introduced ‘Fresh’ Chicken into all KSA restaurants as of December 2019. KFC now offers consumers real, ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’, Fresh Chicken, sourced from Local Alyoum Saudi farms. Communicating Fresh / Local chicken was a game changer that would help the brand build Food & Brand Trust, leading to higher brand affinity in market where local brands were dominating with a messaging tapping into the local relevance and pride. How could KFC break through the clutter of local brands and appear as a true pioneer with the fresh chicken news?


We went all out with our campaign and made big waves in the kingdom.

We not only received love offline with coverage across top publications with a circulation of over 2 million subscriptions, but also online through our social media channels and influencers partnerships. Their content reached 9 million people , and had a whopping 450K engagements.

The Saudi local chicken campaign became the key to the gates of the kingdom, with an overall 39% increase in sales compared to previous month across our Saudi stores.

And finally our campaign completely reversed the local zeitgeist on which brand owned Saudi pride, triggering our consumers to question other brands’ halal claims on social media: “How is it Halal when it’s sourced from Brazil?” / “It’s a shame that Al Baik is still using imported chicken”.

With our Local Chicken campaign KFC took its rightful place into the hearts of Saudis.

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