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Love Test

MEDIACOM, New York / REVLON / 2016

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A daily ritual can improve a woman's self-confidence, enliven her senses and enhance her energy, but can it actually change her love life?

To test our hypothesis, we came up with a behavior intervention called the “Revlon Ritual” and packaged it in a kit that included makeup, breath mints, perfume and a mirror. The last step in the ritual was to take a deep breath, look in the mirror and smile.

After just four days, 97% of women who tried the two-minute Ritual saw a huge improvement in their love lives. And with 700 participants, the Love Study has scientifically demonstrated a clear link between a daily beauty ritual and an increased capacity for love.

The Love Study proves that performing a simple daily makeup ritual can enhance a woman's emotional state and expand her openness to love and romance.


In Love Test, real couples were interviewed by Tatia about their relationships before and after trying the Ritual: how long they’ve been together, how often they have sex and how they feel about themselves.

A majority of the women said confidence was their biggest problem. After trying the Ritual, the women were interviewed separately about their experiences while their partners secretly listened to the responses. Many of the partners became emotional when the women reported feelings of empowerment that produced a dramatic improvement in their love lives.

We needed to share these feelings with women around the world to encourage more empowerment!

We executed a media plan intended to maximize reach. We worked with YouTube and Facebook to understand the exact length and cadence of content that draws the highest levels of engagement among women. We launched with a YouTube masthead to drive immediate views on the first day.


Unlike a lot of prior research founded on physical attractiveness, the Revlon Love Study explores the social and psychological impact of a beauty ritual on romantic relationships.

Love Test wasn’t about selling a product (though that became the ultimate result): our partnership with Tatia was about changing the way women feel about themselves and the impact that change can have on their romantic relationships.

Nearly 8 million people have viewed the film on YouTube alone. The film has been seen 40 million times.

In the end, Revlon helped women realize their potential for love, and Tatia produced a third film about intimacy and human connection.

We call that love.

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