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FITCH, Singapore / B&Q / 2014

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The current home renovation process in China can be hard work. Products, and the building process are unsafe, if not dangerous. Unlike the traditional Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model in UK, China is built around a 7-year Do-It-For-Me home renovation cycle, where a hands-on culture is seen as low status and actively avoided.

With the current DIY stores struggling to meet demands of its customers, B&Q approached us in 2012, with the challenge of reengineering their business to a ‘Do-It-With-Me’ approach, creating a home décor retail model that unlocks the true business potential of the China market.


VIVID reinvented the experience, integrating the journey through the store, website, and mobile applications, to its trusted product offer and supply chain. A VIVID Coach is with the customer at every step, making it collaborative, honest, and easy.

Start by collecting ideas with interactive card, see ideas with an instant cost estimate, and build the home layer by layer, customizing choices as you go. Then try it all on for size with a VIVID Coach, inviting family and friends to preview the new home in a 4D simulation, before it’s built to cost and schedule by the fit-out team.


The new VIVID Homes experience launched in late 2013, and has done it for thousands of happy homeowners. It carries an optimal 35% of its former product range, reducing stock, SKUs, and thereby cost.

The VIVID Homes store has opened with over 500 projects starting, and is rapidly becoming the new home renovation standard in China, as a symbol of quality, safety, and trust. Helping people in China love where they live.

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