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BISCUIT FILMWORKS, London / B&Q / 2023







Spring comes around once a year, and with prices continuing to rise in the UK, B&Q wants to help its customers make the most of this transformative season by nailing down prices across spring essentials from barbecues to lawnmowers.

As the film draws to an end, we see a range of items left behind which form the shape of a hammer. This film shows B&Q’s offering in sharp contrast to the rise of costs across other everyday essentials — bringing a meaningful and powerful message to these inanimate objects.


This idea demanded that we nail down a specific set of diverse items from B&Q – with other everyday items appearing to be affected by inflation drifting up through shot.

With the remaining B&Q items then aligning to form a hammer.

Rather than use post effects, we wanted to achieve everything in camera - with costs dictating we shot this in a single day.

We wanted to avoid familiar perspective tricks or warehouse imagery - opting instead for specific camera angles to achieve the effects, and a large painted sky background (entirely inverted) to achieve a surreal spring vibe - with the ‘dropping’ of everyday items leading to the final reveal.

Everything was filmed upside down on a specially-designed framework – using electronic remote releases to cause drops and collisions in various single takes.

The goal was to evoke the cost of living situation in an emotive, seemingly effortless way.

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