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GOLIN, Shanghai / INVISTA / 2018

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INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers. Among its portfolio of fabrics is LYCRA®, a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to 6x its length and return to its original state – time and again. Being the fabric technology provider for a multitude of clothing brands, LYCRA® is used in many garments that consumers wear in China.

Unfortunately, Chinese are more aware of conventional clothing fabrics. For instance, linen has 18x more conversations than Lycra in the digital space, cotton 7x more and silk, a higher-priced fabric, 4x more conversations. As many Chinese consumers are still unfamiliar with the technology & benefits of the LYCRA® fabric, they were the conversation and preference underdogs.

INVISTA wanted to:

–drive preference towards clothing products with LYCRA® by educating Chinese consumers on the fabric's benefits

–enhance LYCRA®’s various partnership/license brands profile through consumer education (B2C2B)


Campaign period: Mid-March through Mid-May.

First, we defied gravity by collaborating with BANDALOOP vertical dance troupe from the USA. LYCRA® partner brands Only, Fila, and Neiwa provided the dancers with outfits for their routines, and we held Shanghai’s first air ballet show, high above the grounds of Raffles Center, in the Changning District.

Next, we defied time through the use of 360° cameras, which enabled consumers visiting our official LYCRA® pop-up store to capture Matrix-style “bullet-time” photos of themselves for social sharing.

Finally, we put the product front and center when we invited consumers to defy their clothing limitations, by partnering with ElleFIT to launch a series of chic movement classes, and engaged influencers to host an experiment where consumers could cut LYCRA® stockings to create personalized patterns.

Additionally, the campaign also consisted of:

–PR & Media


–Social Media, Video, Apps




–Paid Social

–Branded Co-ops


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