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McDonald’s or Macca's as we affectionately call it in Australia, is a mass marketer who has forever held long-term ambitions of being a customer-centric organisation. In a category where 93% of transactions happen offline, competitive advantage comes from understanding consumers’ online behaviour. But with little data handover, creating a data and technology ecosystem that maintains the scale of Macca's can be difficult.

In our first step towards fulfilling this ambition, we created a much-needed foundation for data, connecting the suite of Macca’s apps with the Salesforce DMP, allowing us to track and segment customers based on their visitation history and online transactions.


To keep our data-well flooded in the longer term, we needed to reduce churn in Monopoly in the short-term, by showing these valuable players their most believable prizes, establishing the core part of our strategy.

A real-time programmatic approach that would identify within seconds, if a customer had churned and instantly get them back into the game.

To fuel our re-engagement approach for each player, we needed to understand three key things:

1. Their business value dictated the level of investment we should use in re-engaging

2. The messaging sequence informed the prizes they would be drawn in by and get them playing again

3. Their store visitation determined a GEO approach to drive them to their favourite restaurant

Importantly, given the mass nature of this category, we needed to communicate to churned users at scale, expanded our programmatic ecosystem enabling addressability at across mass reaching channels.


To launch, we went mass using historic segmentation data to dynamically serve prizes that were the most personally relevant through high impact formats across display, social, digital OOH, connected TV and digital audio.

Our data-fuelled media-engine learnt about players in real-time, making it critical to use dynamic media channels, so we could instantly respond. The moment our media-engine noticed their behaviour changing, we changed ours too, ensuring our media and messaging matured just as their sense of belief in winning did. We incorporated a propensity-to-churn model into the media-engine, to instantly identify a change in behaviour, which activated our re-engagement approach.

Speed and scale were key, so audience APIs were implemented between the media-engine and buying platforms, passing audiences in real time for mobile, social, connected TV and digital audio. Utilizing owned data, we triggered personalised emails and in-app notifications allowing us to re-communicate with our churned audience within minutes.


2019 was a record year for Monopoly, delivered by using a smart data and technology ecosystem to push the campaign to unrivalled success!

We increased game play an additional 37% (YOY) to 58M game plays!

Increased Ticket redemption a further 124%, with the sales up 40% in the final week of the campaign (vs 2018).

We increased our average daily downloads by 52%. Resulting in the highest participation levels ever, with 54% of players claiming a prize, up 9% YOY (2018).

Furthermore, we drove almost 100,000 extra daily customers in restaurant via the MyMacca’s app, resulting in a 409% YOY MyMacca’s sales increase (vs 2018).

Fuelling our data strategy, successfully making Monopoly 2019 our most effective data enabled campaign.

We can also discount external influences driving the campaign’s success

- Monopoly budget & competitive spend was consistent YoY

- McDonald’s had no additional activity running in market

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