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Summer in Australia = Cricket.

For years Macca’s had been trying to break into the cricket culture, by testing activity around the edges. The problem was, our biggest competitor has had a long standing 14+ year partnership with Cricket Australia, which locked us out of Aussie cricket for years. We had to bowl over Aussies, with a direct cricket approach and surpass our competitors long standing heritage in a matter of months.

Insight: We’re more drawn to brands we’ve created memories with. Heritage = authenticity, something our competitor had in spades.

Fast-tracking Macca’s as an integral part of timeless and memorable cricketing experiences - ultimately creating the illusion that Macca’s had been part of cricket culture for years.

We couldn’t just turn up in cricket and expect Aussies to welcome us, after all ,this wasn’t our home-ground, a traditional approach was out of the question - it’s just not cricket!


Talent was critical it had to be The King Of Spin – Aussie legend Shane Warne. One of the greatest cricketers to ever play, universally loved for being the best spin bowler of our time. Arguably one of the most recognisable, respected & authentic voices in Aussie cricket. Not only is he a national treasure, he’s an average Aussie bloke & a massive Macca’s fan, with a mammoth following.

To assert Macca’s as a foundation of Aussie cricket, we needed consistent presence across the whole summer of cricket & had to add value to the average punters experience with a fresh perspective on the classics.

‘Macca’s Summer of Spin’, an 11-part content series where Warnie tells firsthand stories of the most iconic moments in cricket (on and off the pitch), with Macca’s branding & brand cues seamlessly woven throughout, successfully establishing Macca’s authenticity in Aussie cricket culture.


We partnered with Fox Cricket, official sponsor of the Summer of Cricket, unlocking exclusive access to all cricket match broadcasts including Tests, Big-Bash & One Day Internationals providing a credible space to establish Macca’s Summer of Spin.

Asserting Macca’s relevancy in cricket, Warnie introduced Macca’s Summer of Spin, with one of his most beloved memories, his first ever hattrick in 1994.

We contextually placed each story within the match that it was being played e.g.

• Episode-2: Midnight snack - Adelaide Test 1991 – aired in Adelaide 2019-Test

• Episode-3: Warnie out for 99 - WA 2001 – aired in WA 2020-Test

• Episode-4: The Macca’s run - Hobart 1992 – aired in Hobart 2020-BigBash

To extend our reach beyond broadcast, Warnie & FOX Cricket shared the content directly to their social accounts & fans. We extended our reach further across their Instagram stories, unlocking access to the entire series.


The summer of cricket has just ended & from what we can see, we hit it for six! Contributing to outstanding sales across the Macca’s Summer of Spin series, smashing projections by over 55%!

Our ‘Macca’s Summer of Spin’ content series reached over 1 million cricket fans in key cricket match broadcasts.

Achieved over 1.1 million organic views across Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube. Generated over 125,000 likes & comments (over 60% coming directly from Warnie’s social accounts).

It is also the best performing organic content that FOX Cricket has had to date, with our episodes spinning past all of their benchmarks

- +1,868% increase in likes

- +400% increase in shares

- +431% increase in organic reach

Episode 4 was shared on Macca’s Facebook page, it reached over 3M people & achieved an epic engagement rate 102% higher than our benchmark, our customers were clearly lovin’ Macca’s Summer of Spin.

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