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2013 saw the launch of Magnum Pink & Black, two ice-creams for different moods – Pink, for when you’re feeling fun and effervescent, and Black, for the sophisticated and confident you. With music as a simple and fun approach to illustrate and capture people’s different moods, we created the Magnum Moodometer, an online experience that uses your webcam to turn your computer into a real-life, real-time mixer board. Analysis of your movements as you dance your way through the experience measures your pink- or blackness, and generates a result to share with friends, before you go get your perfect ice-cream.


Pleasure Hunt – 5 lost kisses turns the tables on the classic computer game story of prince saves princess, with five unique games for the desktop and a mobile level, all set in Paris, where the prince is kidnapped and you, the heroine, set out to save him. Seamlessness for the user was the objective, so that a click on a shared link or an ad would lead straight to an engaging, fully interactive experience. Working with the technical development team, we decided on a horizontal scroll platform game for mobile, which allowed full interactivity, beautiful visual effects and full interactivity.


Pleasure Hunt – 5 lost kisses is set to launch on April 16 2013, so at the time of this submission no results are available. To date, the previous two Pleasure Hunt installments have generated more than 23 million unique visits, with an average time spent of more than 3 minutes, reaching users from China to Chile across 27 markets worldwide.

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