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Make It Metal

OGILVY JAPAN, Tokyo / SONY / 2018


1 Bronze Cannes Lions
1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Case Film






The creative idea behind Make it Metal was to leverage what metal fans love doing most, head-banging.

So, we’ve decided to give away the album’s first single DIAVOLOS, but it needed to be earned.

A microsite was created, the world’s first head-banging activated digital experience. Upon entering the microsite, fans were asked to activate their webcams. The 4 minute track would then stream as long as they sustained their head movements. But if they stopped, the track would too.

Thousands of fans were further rewarded with a personalized artwork of their own individual head-banging motion from the image tracking algorithm. These were then shareable on social media and generated a priceless word of mouth worldwide around CROSSFAITH.


Make it Metal was launched in July before the worldwide album release in August, via a dedicated micro site. To execute the world’s first head-banging activated digital experience, we started by using an algorithm that captured the head-banging movements of fifty metal fans. The data was then fed into Optical Flow, a motion tracking program that reacts to color and brightness - a tool better than any current facial recognition technology.

The promotion of the experience was initiated via CROSSFAITH’s digital and social channels and personally introduced to the fan base by the founding members of the band.


Within the first few hours of the online launch of Make it Metal, more than 20 thousand fans engaged with the microsite across 114 countries, creating unprecedented media attention worldwide. This resulted in 80% increase in projected sales, and sold out shows across CROSSFAITH’s tour.

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