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The bad weather is the ideal moment when we particularly want to stay at home. And the more we stay at home, the more we crave watching movies. Why not offer reductions on movies depending on the user’s weather forecast? Therefore, the worse the weather, the more the user could benefit from a reduction. This is a good way to encourage people to consume VOD and to promote the bad weather.


The operation took place from 24th October 2016 to 13th November 2016.

Steps for the users :

- The user geo-localize himself on the website dedicated to the operation.

- He discovers the weather forecast of his city thanks to the weather underground technology which recovers the meteorological flows in France.

- He gets a reduction (-10% to -50%) depending on the weather.

A dedicated website page was created in order to guide the users.

A pop up has been set up on the Fnac website to invite users to benefit from the operation.

An emailing has been sent to the Fnac’s database in order to explain them the concept of the reduction.

There also was in-store digital screens in Fnac stores all over France.

Social media posts have been posted on the Fnac's account and web banners have been set up on Allociné’s website to target potential VOD users.


Few means were used in the strategy. On social media we only used Facebook and Twitter.

However, the originality of the campaign has triggered the public’s attention in record time with more than 55K visits on the website including 30K unique visitors.

In total, 4400 accounts were created. More than 483K hits on Twitter. The traffic to the Fnac website increased by 46% and the number of movie rentals/sales increased by 37%.

The press coverage was also huge with 84 articles promoting the originality of the concept including 25 international articles. The concept was also presented on TV, for example on Télématin.

This was a successful operation, which will be repeated on every holiday.

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