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McCANN PARIS, Clichy / L'OREAL / 2015

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Case Film
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SITUATION: There’s so much choice, confusion and anxiety involved in buying cosmetics, people often stay with what they know. But what would happen if we gave people an entirely new way to try on makeup?

PROBLEM: There are plenty of Makeup apps based on still images but it doesn’t help the consumers to get a real advice, a real simulation.

STRATEGY: With Makeup Genius, L'Oréal offers consumers to try out the products they might not otherwise have tested or considered, and to buy it directly online


- Launch event and press conference in Cannes with key influencers and the support of global L'Oréal Paris' spokespersons

- PR coverage by major editorial medias

- TV commercial featuring L'Oréal Paris' spokespersons discovering the app and trying it

- Dedicated prints and call to action on all L'Oréal Paris makeup products prints

- Digital trailers featuring local spokespersons to cover the main zones

- Push on the brand websites and banners campaigns

- Bloggers and social influencers activation


- A technological / digital innovation which gives the brand a step ahead of its competitors

- A huge image benefit for L'Oréal Paris being the first to offer such a useful and realistic service to consumers

- Number of countries who adapted the app: 32

- Number of app downloads WorldWide: +9.900.000

- Cumulated number of looks tried WorldWide: 25.025.712

- Cumulated number of products tried WorldWide: 64.248.117

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