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FUSE, Singapore / IKEA / 2014

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c.90% Singaporean families visit IKEA to shop for themselves, but it comes to kids' furnishings they create a new consideration list including competitors; so we needed to get people already in-store to think about IKEA for kids' furnishing as well as their own purchases, reducing consideration of competitors.

Our platform should primarily engage in-store and reach outwards to engage those not currently considering kids' furnishings.

We created a competition encouraging families to build model robots together using the card board packaging from their parent's purchases. This created unexpected value in-store bringing IKEA's love of modern families to life, creating differentiation.


We isolated the effect of this campaign by removing other year-on-year influences (number of stores was unchanged, weather was similar, stock was updated at the same time the previous year, no local demographic shifts). Related product promotions ran alongside our 'cardboard robot' competition also ran in the previous year so can be eliminated; indeed in the previous year these were more popular so they suppress our results, relatively.

The survey indicating preference won't run again until later in 2014 so has been excluded.

Given the above, a +7% footfall and +10% sales was achieved and an RoI of 2.77 achieved.

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