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Mama Sara & Sara

VML, Riyadh / ALMARAI / 2024

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• Situation

ALYOUM, the top selling fresh chicken brand in Saudi, was facing tough competition from both fresh and frozen chicken brands, be it local or imported ones who were following several tactics to lure customers away from ALYOUM including but not limited to rebranding, inflated health claims, price-reductions, and introduction of DTC channels promising “Fresh poultry to your door step”.

• Brief

Within this context, we needed to remind our audience of the superior quality of ALYOUM chicken during the month of Ramadan which is the most advertising-intense month of the year.

• Objectives

Maintain and defend existing market share - Increase Brand Awareness & maximize brand Salience - Improve brand Consideration & Loyalty - Boost Brand Appeal through emotional connection & relevance - Increase sales.


To remind moms of ALYOUM's quality, we created a heartwarming mini series encompassing foodutainment, subtle product placement, cooking tips and above all memorable and lighthearted characters.

This mini-series, featured Sara and her granny Mama Sara, reintroducing traditional dishes, and emphasizing the importance of quality. This was a first of its kind brand-driven mini-series on Shahid, the Netflix of MENA.


Ramadan is the month where content consumption is probably the only thing surpassing food consumption. During this month, the daily calendar of people become full with different TV series, and various content. And research shows that a lot of it is mainly focused on food recipes as moms across Saudi compete to create wonders for their iftar table during the most important culinary period of the year. With this in mind, our strategy was to merge food recipes with entertainment to promote ALYOUM chicken through snackable and sweet content that moms will find hard to resist.


In each episode, Mama Sara & Sara introduce a new recipe with ALYOUM poultry as the main ingredient. Sara always fools around with her granny, while the granny teaches her life lessons and cooking lessons all in one. The episodes are presented in a lighthearted manner as the main characters engage together. All our episodes start with the same title sequence and end with credits similar to what we see in TV series.


More than 24 million episodes views on YouTube. More than 60% Unique Reach. More than 1 million visits on Shahid. Between 2% & 6% Ad recall lift across platforms. More than 13M+ complete episode views. More than 55% average completion rate per episode (benchmark 30%) CTR of 3.65% Uplifts in Intent and Preference by 3.8% and 4.4% respectively.

Awareness jumped into 94% which was 4.44% higher than objective. Salience grew by 7.1% Difference witnessed a staggering 28.24% increase. Consideration went up to 8%. Loyalty jumped by 43.75% compared to previous year which was almost 4 folds our objective. brand imagery maintained relative strength on key metrics: Advertising appeal, engaging social content & modern trendy brand.

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