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Mano a Mano - Spotify Originals

GANA BLACK, Sao Paulo / SPOTIFY / 2023

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Spotify wanted to make podcasts mainstream in Brazil.

Creating an indispensable tool of information and knowledge.

But how can one make this format accessible to all? Especially to the young people from the favelas, who make up the majority in the country.


Mano a Mano - Spotify originals.

Starring the living legend Mano Brown, who talks with special and controversial guests.

Mano a Mano = slang for "face to face/one-on-one". And this is how Mano Brown chats about complex subjects: in a language that everyone is able to understand. Going from former presidents to rappers and even philosophers.

Through MANO A MANO, Spotify totally made podcasts mainstream in Brazil. With loads of new shows popping up on their platform.

Mano a Mano broke all audience records in the Brazilian massive crowd.


Mano Brown is the G.O.A.T. of Brazilian Hip Hop.

Leader of the legendary hip-hop group Racionais Mc’s.

He’s the biggest spokesperson for information and knowledge for the ghetto youth.

A person who rarely gives interviews or voluntarily appears in the media. A living legend.

Our strategy was to use this rapper that everyone would like to hear about, but in an interviewer position. Invite the public to hear the most important conversations and develop dialogue in a country that was riven by political extremism.


Well-targeted interviews and open discussion with controversial and important people.

Like former Presidents Lula and Dilma, activist Angela Davis, rapper Emicida, actor Wagner Moura, minister Silvio Almeida and minister and indigenous activist Sonia Guajajara.

There are already more than 40 episodes and guests. All content available for free on Spotify.


The podcast with the highest general audience in Brazil.

The most listened podcast episode in Brazil's history (Spotify) - Interview with President Lula.

Number one in the charts for 19 straight weeks.

"The biggest communication phenomenon of the year." - Época Magazine.

More than 100 million dollars in spontaneous media.

Dozens of other podcasts created on the platform after Mano a Mano.

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