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We aimed to make our brand message (Challenging conventions to make things better) crystal clear. We addressed three key points: (1) What convention to challenge, (2) how to challenge it, and (3) what would be made better.

1: On first dates, people often sit opposite each other awkwardly in bars or restaurants without saying much. Many of these dates fail because people sit face-to-face. Numerous psychological studies show that this hinders getting to know others.

2: Mazda is creating new side-by-side seating for the first date as part of a speed dating tour in the new Mazda MX-5. This makes the first date a shared experience in a relaxed environment with lots to talk about. Mazda is therefore helping to challenge the first date convention.

3: With the alternative/correct side-by-side seating, we are increasing the chances of a successful date and perhaps of finding the love of your life.


We told people about our marketing idea by distributing numerous ads in order to embed our brand message and encourage Switzerland's singles to get involved. Anyone interested could register on a website to take part in one of the Mazda Speed Dating tours.

The 72 speed dating tours were then held in seven cities (Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Lausanne, Geneva and Lugano) several times. On each 15-minute long trip, ten different couples then got to know each other in a fantastic, informal setting with lots to talk about. They stopped after 15 minutes, changed car and had their next date.


• Mazda brand awareness: +23% since before the campaign.

• Brand sympathy also increased by +29%.

• The key brand attributes "offers intelligent solutions" and "a brand that thinks differently" rose by +73% and +21% respectively.

• 70,000 unique website visitors.

• Over 3,550 singles registered on the website

• Corresponds to a 5% conversion rate

• Registered singles booked almost 5,650 trips

• 98% loved the speed dates so much they would have recommended Mazda Speed Dating to someone else immediately.

• At least six couples who met so are now a couple.

• Endless positive spoken and written feedback from participants.

• The number of Mazda cars sold in Switzerland rose by +4.5% compared with 2015 by the end of the campaign(although the overall market dropped by -3.5% in the same period).

• Mazda therefore increased its market share by 8.2% on 2015 as of October 2016.

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