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BBDO PARIS, Boulogne-Billancourt / DAIMLER / 2012






Mercedes-Benz is reborn under a lucky ''star''More iconic than ever, Mercedes-Benz returns to centre stage with its models once again embodying the automotive dream, redefining the standards of the premium universe through its design and stunning technological innovations.Setting out to win over a younger clientele, Mercedes-Benz is looking to revitalise the Etoile's image along with the driving experience that goes hand in hand with it.2012 is the ideal time for this, buoyed by a flood of product news and a major overhaul of the range which boosts a stronger and sporty design.Mercedes-Benz designs an original campaign for the French market, the first in five years.This is a campaign intended to mark the resurgence of the legendary brand and attract a younger audience.The film is an amazing road movie capturing all the thrills of Mercedes, accompanied by the entrancing music of Kavinsky. Sucked into the logo on the radiator grill of a Mercedes speeding along a road, viewers are plunged into a thrilling and amazing journey, guided by the star, until it finally emerges into the sky via the logo at the back of the car, which then continues on its journey...An intensified expression of the luxury that driving a Mercedes represents: transforming even the most ordinary trip into an extraordinary journey.

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