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The special’s launch right before Valentine’s Day aligned us with the relevant themes and behaviors around the holiday, including card sending. As we were prioritizing humor, we partnered with, a site known for its irreverence, wit, and trademark design. It was the perfect platform to push the boundaries of good taste to comedic effect, in the same way the Special itself does. We wrote bawdy copy lines, which designers incorporated into branded versions of their own signature style of shareable e-cards. The Valentine’s-themed lines had to simultaneously convey the key creative, comedic hooks of our campaign - Michael Bolton, his sexiness, his music’s reputation as get-it-on classics - as well as the details of the special - in the vernacular of While our e-cards were clearly sponsored content, the humor, paired with Someecards’ classic art, made them blend right in with the rest of the site.


On Valentine’s Day, promoted the branded e-cards on their homepage, across social channels, and on their app, as well as created a dedicated section called Michael Bolton’s Valentine’s Day Special within their Valentine’s Day vertical. Users could send them to their friends and family as they would any other e-card, and write a custom message if desired. They could also share the e-card directly to their social accounts. The e-cards continue to live on as part of their permanent collection.


Through this custom partnership with Someecards, our execution more than doubled the engagement rate for the typical benchmark for display media. Further, our execution garnered roughly 2.5M social views, 27,000 interactions and 660 conversations. We do not have access to business impact data as our client Netflix does not share these metrics with us.

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