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Milka is embodied by an emblematic product: the chocolate bar.

It drives the brand emotional attachment but also symbolizes its struggle to renew itself.

To generate a new interest for the brand, we decided to work on it and find a way to evolve it and turn it into the main media of our activation.

We started from a commonly shared and strong insight: the last square is the most precious one. The one you eagerly wait for that you won’t give away for any reason.

By confronting this insight to Milka’s brand platform “Dare to be tender” we came to the idea that there is no better proof of tenderness than offering your last square to someone you care about.

To execute it, we decided to put people to the test by actually taking out the last square from every Milka bar and challenge them to dare to send it to someone else or to get it back.

To produce the 10 Millions special tablets, we worked hand in hand with Milka to change the entire manufacturing process. One small detail, to make sure that no one could complain, we made the tablet a little bit thicker so that the weight remains stable.

We then changed the packaging and insert a personal code in each tablet to give access to a dedicated website where people could express their tenderness by sending it to someone else or their unconditional love for our product by keeping it for themselves. Of course, in both cases, the delivery of the last square was automatically generated by the website. People had nothing else to do than clicking on their choice and writing a personalized note that would be printed on a gift card with the last square.

Apart from these tools, we also developed:

- A short TV Commercial to build awareness and drive people to store

- A web video to create engagement and earned media

- And massive POS materials to drive purchase in stores

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