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In 2015, the OREO brand had its most ambitious goal to date. After a strong 2014 program, we wanted to raise the bar even higher with an idea capable of rallying all of our regions together while building equity in the brand. Adding more difficulty, we needed to bridge the two campaigns currently running around the world and have the scale and flexibility to meet each market’s needs.

We looked inward and listened to our consumers. An OREO cookie is something people naturally play with in a number of unique ways. Play, as we learned, was more than an activity – it was a state of mind, and something missing from many adults’ lives.

Armed with that insight, it was time to elevate our message, to associate the OREO brand with playfulness in the broadest sense. Not just playfulness with the product but playfulness in life. It was time to invite the world to Play With OREO. The campaign, anchored by our universal play language, took shape through a range of content, including a globally translated TVC, playfully inventive POS displays, and 10 artist-inspired posters and installations appearing OOH in spaces in need of a playful twist.

Not only was the biggest program in the history of the brand, it played right into our track record of success. We saw double-digit sales gains during the peak of the campaign, experienced significant increases over previous year results in our key markets, and, overall, outperformed the 2014 program in revenue growth.

When it was all done, one idea united 50 countries and all its regions with a clear, compelling invitation to play. All initiatives combined, the program received over 12 billion impressions and spanned 21 languages. More importantly, it moved the brand forward, transitioning the OREO brand from simply a cookie you play with to a brand that loves to play.

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