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In 2020, the pandemic fueled the cancellation of the U.S. National Football League (NFL) season, which meant fans couldn’t watch U.S. football with their closest group of friends.

Miller Lite knows watching football and sharing beers with friends is sacred. It’s a time to cheer for your team and spend valuable time with friends and family. So with the NFL’s return in 2021, Miller Lite wanted to celebrate all things beer and football, making the return to in-person Miller Time even more special.

With a budget of $2MM we launched the Miller Timeless Collection, an online contest where one lucky friend group could win a set of six rings. Each ring came with a sensor that activated once in proximity, unlocking Miller Lite for life. Promoted through an OLV, social posts, online and broadcast press and influencer partnerships, fans shared why their gameday crew deserved Miller Lite for life.


Miller Lite has historically maintained a strong presence in U.S. Football, so as the NFL made its comeback after the pandemic, the brand wanted to make a splash during the football season and mark a memorable return of in-person Miller Time.

The six Miller Timeless Collection rings were adorned with jewels and inlaid with 10-karat gold. Through this one-of-a-kind luxurious set of rings, Miller Lite showed fans that, they too, understand the value and sacredness of watching football and sharing a beer with your best friends.

Since the football fans and their game day crew were at the heart of this campaign, Miller Lite encouraged fans to join in and show why they wanted to put a ring on it and bind their gameday crew forever with Miller for Life.


As the pandemic forced the world into isolation, sporting events were cancelled, including the famous U.S. NFL season. Football fans couldn’t enjoy one their favorite events of the year— watching football with both a cold Miller Lite and their closest friends.

With the return of the NFL in 2021, Miller Lite wanted to mark the return of in-person football and Miller Time with a unique celebration that would pay tribute to the valuable moments shared by football fans and their game day crew.

Targeting 25-34-year-old football fans, we conducted media outreach with major sports outlets, landing online and broadcast placements in the NFL ecosystem including Fox Sports, CBS Sports Yahoo! Sports and Fansided, as well as several other publications including Adweek and Ad Age. OLV ran across socials, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, while influencer partners helped promote the effort to the press and on socials.


The Miller Timeless Collection was made available to consumers through an online contest. The effort was primarily promoted on social media, including Instagram posts and stories, Twitter and Facebook and an online video shared across social channels. The effort also included a series of paid influencer partnerships, including Kyle and Chase Long, two prominent U.S. football players who took to socials to share their luxurious rings and encourage fans to join the contest.

The ring collection was made available through the online contest promoted across an OLV, social media posts, broadcast and online press, and influencer partnerships. Running from September 28 to October 25, the campaign was executed during the prime time of the 2021 NFL football season, capturing the attention of football and Miller Lite fans on a national scale.


With 688MM impressions and 9.9MM views of our social video, the campaign resulted in a 24.7-point increase in positive brand impressions and a 30.5-point increase in brand consideration, surpassing the campaign’s goals among its target audience.

The campaign earned placements in several online media outlets, including Ad Age, Adweek, Yahoo! Sports, Fansided, Maxim and Thrillist. The coverage also spanned across broadcast, owning the spotlight on Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and the NFL ecosystem. The campaign’s influencer partnerships were also a success, earning over 8 million placements.

In the end, the campaign made a splash during the return of the football season, paying tribute to the millions of football fans across America who value the importance of Miller Time and football time.

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