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FRED & FARID GROUP , Paris / AUDI / 2013

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We used all available media to make our LED rear light a star. But rather than focusing on a single-minded benefit, we chose to do the exact opposite: we purposely cramped up a huge amount of details, facts and data about this single millimeter everywhere we could, creating a striking contrast.

Our illustrious millimeter invaded Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, TV, Magazines, Billboards, Email and even dealerships, making the campaign tightly integrated but allowing for different kinds of story-telling about the A1 Millimeter, depending on the media it was featured in.


Our main goal was to reassure that the A1 was first and foremost an Audi, without any sacrifice on perfection and technology.

Post-test studies gave evidence of our success, since the A1’s image significantly progressed on the 3 key Audi items, beating direct competitors Mercedes and Mini on ‘Progressive', 'Technological' and 'Innovative’. In addition, Purchase Intention increased by 7% for people exposed to the campaign.

The product story resonated well with the our tech-enthusiast audience: the film generated over 1,200,000 views on YouTube in only a few weeks – a first for Audi in France, making Audi the most talked-about brand in the press during the launch period.

Business wise, sales grew + 51% after the 2-month campaign.

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