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KINGSDAY, Amsterdam / MINI / 2015

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Launching a new car nowadays is not enough to bring prospects to the dealerships automatically. So instead of creating ‘just’ a promotional idea, we changed the test drive itself and launched The MINI GoPro Test Drive.

A unique and shareable experience that brought people into dealerships to drive the new MINI in a way they (and MINI) had never done before.


A TV-campaign announced the MINI GoPro test drive and drove traffic to a subscription website. A geo-targeted online campaign and door-to-door newspaper made sure that the campaign was only visible in the area where the GoPro-circus would appear the coming days. A native-advertising campaign aimed at lifestyle, design and fashion bloggers was designed to reach the non-car-lovers. But the strongest contact point was of course the contact in social: the MINI GoPro test drive video of one of your friends.


We’ve made 2014 the most successful year for MINI in The Netherlands ever. We created 836 MINI GoPro-test drives (index 1100 compared to the normal amount of test drives) and each participant shared his or her video 319 times on average. And all we had to do was turning on the cameras.

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