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The automobile industry faces a dilemma: while the car as a product has become more comfortable, fast and efficient, automobility as a system has reached its limits. The causes and effects for this are complex. Solutions need to be based not only on better technology, but also on rethinking the organization of our cities, resource flows and individual behavior. Only when addressing mobility as a system can it be made more sustainable. How can such complexity be explained and results made tangible? MobiGlobe visualizes phenomena and facts using interactive media and shows solutions in films featuring visionaries with holistic approaches.


MobiGlobe is the culmination of five years of research and several redesigns. What started as interactive stations using the game engine Unity for data visualization now comprises a core application and several other formats and interaction models. Filmed interviews with global visionaries were added, for which the metaphor of the starry sky was developed. There are many ideas for increasing sustainability but few systemic approaches to combine the best. While there are many stars, the critical contributions are star constellations, and within the white space of each star, people with good ideas can tell their stories.


As the communication platform of the Volkswagen Group, the Autostadt in Wolfsburg has presented material regarding the topic of sustainable mobility for over twelve years. Since 2006, MobiGlobe has critically scrutinized and made possible a dialogue surrounding issues of mobility and our urban future. Beginning in 2013, a range of new installations including the Freiraum made MobiGlobe accessible in a completely new way.

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