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Description is the dynamic online presence for Accenture, a $27.9bn global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. As the company’s central Internet presence,

• Supports, promotes and expands Accenture’s brand through powerful delivery of our experience and research via in-depth case studies and compelling thought leadership.

• Communicates the depth and breadth of Accenture’s capabilities across industries and business functions.

• Provides current and potential clients the information they seek to achieve high performance.

• Provides current and potential clients a channel for contacting Accenture about new projects.

Our primary audience consists of C-level executives who are either current clients of Accenture or potential clients. This group comprises the senior-most executives of the world’s largest corporations and government organizations, with decision-making authority over large management consulting, technology and outsourcing initiatives.

To serve the growing number of these visitors accessing our site from a mobile device, we had long provided a mobile-optimized version of However, this mobile-optimized version comprised only 11 pages, and provided none of the depth of information seen on the PC version of the website. IWe launched an effort to overhaul the mobile version of our website with the objective of providing a more complete view of the breadth and depth of our company’s services, insights and work with clients.

After working with our technology leader, Moovweb, and refining our new design for the mobile-friendly pages, we launched the overhauled and expanded mobile site in August of 2012. The new mobile site (available from smart phone at ) delivers more than 400 pages of high-level information focused on showcasing the breadth and depth of our services and industries. Mobile visitors can now easily scan information on our capabilities and offerings directly from their phones, and quickly scan selected client success stories and research insights.

Since launching the overhauled mobile site, we have seen heavy traffic to the site—more than 30,000 visits in the most recent month for which we have complete metrics. The mobile-optimized site now comprises more than 2% of the total traffic to our global website.

These results have exceeded our expectations in delivering a full view of Accenture’s capabilities to the growing number of our mobile visitors.

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