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ADCOM, Karachi / TELENOR / 2012






In a saturating telecom market, restricted by general economic conditions, Telenor Pakistan saw potential in youth - 60% of the population. Since its launch in 2005, Djuice targeted the high end urban youth and claimed they were too young. The brand health was fading, it was time for Djuice to look beyond and relate to young audiences across Pakistan. Research concluded that youth were entangled in frustrating times, yet came out resilient. But they had turned in to bystanders and cited external factors inhibiting their internal drive for a better tomorrow. How could we help them overcome the external factors? Only with a trigger for their internal drive! The passion within had to be activated. The bystanders’ silence had to be broken. Hence came into being the 'Khamoshi Ka Boycott' ('Boycott the Silence'). Djuice was ready for rebirth in the role of self-efficacy builder for youth.


Internet penetration in Pakistan stands at a mere 11% hence integration had to be planned differently. Making Djuice present everywhere the youth were, the campaign launched with a multimedia poll (outdoor, TV, Radio, SMS and Facebook) asking youth their answers to questions on the most prevalent social issues concerning their future. TVCs contained practical solutions to these problems but with a difference. They demonstrated how Djuice empowered youth to use mobile communication as the tool for reaching those solutions. Djuice announced price offers on voice calls and SMS that reinforced its point of view. Our next trigger also became our most shared content online: the Djuice anthem, invoking a positive spirit. On ground activations in colleges, sponsorship of Youth Parliament, School of leadership and Young Leaders Conference gave Djuice more opportunities to teach youth how mobile could help them build a better tomorrow for themselves.


Djuice continues fuelling the drive for a better tomorrow in a country whose future depends on its young population. The repositioning campaign exceeded its targets on brand imagery and functional parameters. Saliency increased by 19% and Consideration by 13%. Online engagement results were healthy (based on 11% internet penetration)•Polling TVCs: 200,000 responses through SMS alone •Website: 100% increase in page views and higher engagement•Facebook: Recruited 100,000 more fans post launch; 200,000 and face book 'shares' and counting•Overall 140% increase in share of voice on social media platforms•Launch TVCs & Making of the campaign collectively received 74,000 views on YouTube•Anthem received 300,000+ views on different platformsSource: Brand Health Tracker – AMRB Report Jan–Dec 2011 Post Launch Evaluations by Maxus & other Independent Monitoring Agencies

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