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OCTAGON SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg / MTN / 2006

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We created an interactive game, which we called ‘The Amazing Campus Challenge’. The concept, similar to ‘The Amazing Race’ TV show, is an exhilarating race around campus that uses a cellular platform – so students used cellphones to receive clues and take pictures at checkpoints.To promote the events, we used spots on campus radio, bathroom advertising, posters and fliers. The creative theme made use of the reality-TV craze, students could compete in a real race, which was better than the experience of watching it on TV.The events were held at campuses around the country.


Students described the event as ‘wicked’ and ‘best event ever held on campus’. MTN was ecstatic and said it was the best event they were ever involved in. Every race was oversubscribed – 2,100 people raced, hundreds were turned away. The events attracted over 10,000 spectators who watched those lucky enough to compete. 93% of those interviewed said that the promotion improved their image of MTN. 86% said they were now more likely to choose MTN over other network providers.

Months later, independent research revealed that 92% of students spontaneously recalled the event (the highest ranked promotional recall).

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