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A genius strategy for a genius show.

Netflix was going live with Money Heist’s last season in India – Season 5. There was anticipation amongst the fans, giving the show the potential to resonate with a diverse crowd.

Netflix wanted to celebrate the fandom that the show had gathered and wanted the campaign to capture the fans’ overall sentiments.

The key goals for the campaign were to:

Celebrate the fans

Drive big conversation

Highlight “best stories from around the world”

Expand audience reach

Ensure the franchise lived long beyond its release


Bella Ciao’ was the totemic masterpiece a rallying cry for Money Heist No doubt then, that Netflix wanted to play on it - to build anticipation before release, & to bid one of its most favourite shows farewell.

Jaldi Aao” was born as the fans’ anthemic tribute to the show. Globally renowned DJ & musician Nucleya created a smashing rendition of lovelorn Indian fans’ plea to MoneyHeist. Crafted in several Indian languages, it showed how the diverse population of India had made Money Heist their own.

It was further amplified by influencers and celebs drawn from across the country – just like the average Money Heist fan. Pepsi weighed in with special edition packs inviting fans to a special fan event, while Bhuvan Bam invited fans to join him in visiting Spain to personally bid farewell to the show.


A story of how a Spanish show took Netflix to Indian homes

Money Heist, one of the most popular Netflix shows, gathered fandom like no other. For this global phenomenon’s swansong, Netflix wanted to celebrate the people who had turned the show into this phenomenon.

So with a show available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages, Netflix India wanted to use Money Heist’s final season to orchestrate the biggest ever new customer acquisition heist.

It was necessary to ensure that Money Heist would live on long after its final episode was watched.


Going big bang with all the jing bang, for mega impact.

Money Heist explored over 200 brand partnerships with the likes of Pepsi, MTV, Amul, Zomato, Swiggy, Bumble, etc to expand the audience reach.

They heavily used influencer marketing to tactically reach out to a diverse fan base. This included influencers and celebrities such as Nucleya, Anil Kapoor, Hardik Pandya, Rana Daggubati, Shruti Hassan, Radhika Apte, Vikrant Massey, Bhuvan Bam and Ayushmann Khurana.

Much was implemented right before and after the release of the two volumes of the last season.

The timing of the assets became critical in order to reduce and possible clashes, making them flow steadily to keep the conversation going.

The campaign amplified the conversation online and offline, through graffiti, sticker newspapers, mask distribution and Pepsi cans. Running all the assets across social media, the campaign intended to create a both hype before and after the releases.


The campaign reached 20,891.91M impressions through 990+ press stories and 1600+ influencers.

Before and after the release of the two volumes of the last season in September and December, 21 assets were released on owned platforms which generated 59M impressions.

Before Vol1 launch, we saw significant growth on all channels - 36% increase in median subscribers in last two weeks before Vol 1 release on YT; 24% increase in followers on IG; Money Heist was top-performing content.

During phase 1, ‘Jaldi Aao’ got 43.5 million views and 200 press mentions.

In phase 2, the #IndiaBoleCiao contest distributed merchandise to 40,000 fans.

Part 5 outperformed all previous Money Heist seasons in India with a 43% increase in viewership. Of which 40% consumed the Dubs.

Money Heist was in the top 10 for for 14 weeks and became the best ever global title performance in

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