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Creating opportunities it’s the brand platform from BBVA to the people and environment. BBVA launched Moorland Fund, the first sustainable Fund in Colombia, it was created to profit people’s money, and take care of the life sources.

The campaign had the goal to generate awareness in the people about the importance of the moorland and highlight the water as a vital element in all living beings. The campaign remarked the commitment of BBVA as the main actor that promotes actions to support environmental conservation, economic prosperity, and social responsibility.

The main goal was to obtain 3000 (three thousand) product registers and new clients in three months and generate awareness to take care of the Colombian moorlands.


We all see that the planet is suffering damage and most people do what they can to help it, but at the end of the day, it seems that everything we do is not enough, and the same happens with our savings, the money at the end of the day does not generate enough return.

How do we know that?

We analyzed thousands of conversations using a statistical model to discover abstract themes that, in summary, found that in Colombia those who talk about the importance of taking care of money, also talk about taking care of the environment and especially, the moorlands.

That is why with BBVA we created:

Moorland Fund BBVA

The first banking product that makes you the owner of 1 m2 of moorland in the Andes Mountains and also helps you take care of your money by giving profitability.


Our strategy focused on creating a collective reflection that allowed us to highlight the rentability characteristics of the Fund and the urgency of prevailing the sustainability of the moorlands.

BBVA committed to donating a percentage of the profit earned to the projects working towards preserving the moorland ecosystem.

For that, a message was designed that would generate a sense of belonging, “sponsoring” a square meter of wasteland in a virtual way.

Each person who hired the product received his "piece of land" virtually with a symbolic certificate of ownership that accredited him as the owner and caretaker of this wonderful land.

The campaign was aimed at all those people who not only take care of their welfare but that of all humanity.


The campaign had a 6 months execution starting in September last year until March 2021, during this period we were focused on reaching an audience interested not only in ecological topics but also with an intention of investment.

We implement the campaign with two key partners: Facebook and google and through video and display, creativity allowed us to achieve the business goals.

We got over 6 million impressions, reaching a significant audience interested in preserving our moorlands.

The segmentation we used was mainly the BBVA's clients, we wanted to show them how easy it was to be part of this campaign.

The investment fund was available in desktop and app versions, so we had a high focus on app advertising, through an app-deep link we left the audience closer to preserve our moorlands.

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