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In 2021 Kia changes its positioning, from “The Power to Surprise” to “Movement that inspires”,

The first revolutionary result is the new full-electric Kia EV6, launched through a campaign entirely built on the concept of movement.

The event to present the EV6 to the stakeholders of the Italian Market should have followed the same line, however there was a tricky challenge: how to present a car that's the embodiment of movement while it's still?

So, the request was to think about an innovative and interactive way to let the car express movement, its own and the brand's one, even from a standstill.

Relying on dedicated budget of 44K, we needed to create an unconventional and at the same time effective flow that fits with the Modern Individual target and could position EV6 as representative of Kia’s new era and ambassador of technology and innovation.


To launch Kia EV6 we didn’t follow the usual processes but, in line with the values of the new brand positioning, we presented a product still unknown to the public using a non-canonical language: design. For the occasion, in fact, we involved an important design studio to whom we showed a preview of the car. Using the language they are most familiar with, they presented it to the public as a unique work of art.

The target they referred to is composed by independent, confident and open-minded modern individuals. They are early adopters and innovators who actively seek new ways of thinking and challenge conventions. Rather than mainstream trends and status symbols, they value originality and aesthetics. When it comes to cars, they seek a brand that fits with their values and offers an alternative experience - one in line with who they are and what they value.


We used light to turn a non-running car into an artistic installation capable of transmitting and narrating its own movement and the brand’s one.

Inspired by the design of the car and with the help of the internationally renowed design studio Palomba and Serafini Associati, we used a special and malleable LED material capable of pulsing following the music to realize a light design installation that reproduces the air flows normally enveloping the car when in motion.

The perception was even more engaging thanks to the light pulsing to the beat of the music during the unveiling event. The whole story was told on Kia social channels through three branded video contents, from the initial inspiration to the final installation, together with a landing page on the kia’s website, and generated great interactions.


EV6 was the hero product and represented the first concrete step in the new Kia Era after re-branding: its launch was fundamental to transfer all new brand values and give visibility to the new corporate identity.

Considering the limited number of sales, the modern individual profile and the strong potential of the car in terms of Brand perception, our strategy was to be vertical on an aspirational and highly creative world.

This campaign generated + 3.6M of impression and + 2M of reach, a press buzz of +220K and allowed the brand to have a 144% increase in sales.

In addition, the operation contributed to the proclamation of Kia EV6 with Car of the Year 2022.

Last but not least, the artistic installations have become the first on an Asian car ever exhibited at the Mauto, the Turin Auto Museum.

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