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Our objective was to create a national campaign to launch MNT DEW AMP GAME FUEL, as a beverage that has ingredients shown to increase accuracy and alertness. Gaming is no longer a hobby, the stakes are high and every move counts. Our audience needs to stay accurate and alert at all times. In order to show that this drink deserves a place in gamers’ lives, our brief was to bring the most high-stakes gaming moments to life. We needed to to use the moments that all gamers recognize, and tap into the need to be at their peak performance when it really counts.


There is nothing like winning. It’s in the most pivotal moments, when everything is hanging on a single move, that legends are made. Whether it’s a last-man-standing shootout, an all-out fantasy war or a desolate post-apocalyptic mission, Game Fuel has ingredients shown to keep you accurate, alert and at your best. It’s been designed with gamers in mind, because there’s no such thing as practice. This campaign is about that moment of truth when everything changes. It’s about the victory, the glory and the bragging rights. It’s about winning bigger. We call it Victory In A Can.


The strategy for our Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel campaign was rooted in an unique human insight about gamers, specifically our target game-er. For our target, gaming is not a game, it’s a competition and because of that, they always need to be at their best. They have optimized everything in their life from battle stations, equipment and learning new moves to beat out their rivals. The only thing standing in their way was fatigue and they only thing they are seeking during those moments of fatigue is something that allows them to play longer. What did they need? A product with ingredients shown to help gamers compete longer, because with every moment they are gaming, the closer they are to victory.


Our campaign launched on January 28th, 2019, this was a strategic moment for the brand as it was a few weeks after the product national distribution was executed allowing for enough time for the product to hit shelves while also coinciding with upcoming Esports tournaments our audience were fond of.

The MNT DEW AMP GAME FUEL campaign launched nationally across the U.S. through a multi-channel media strategy spanning both TV and Digital platforms. Our campaign strategically targeted networks such as ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central, Adult Swim and FX. As well as social platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Through digital our campaign leveraged programmatic distribution as well as strategic placements across Xbox and Hulu, Running from 1/28 – 3/25.


With the launch of our campaign, our client experienced one of the most successful national launches in recent years, with over 11.5 million dollars in sales within the first month.

In the first eight weeks:

- 700,000 + cases of product shipped

- 22.2M in retail sales

- Exceeded estimated case shipments by 30%

- Garnered 1.32B media impressions

- Tracked a repeat purchase intent of 40%

- Expanded into traditionally non-Mountain Dew markets

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