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72ANDSUNNY, Los Angeles / SONOS / 2013

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Despite introducing a new electronics category (Wireless HiFi Systems), SONOS was getting lumped into the crowded premium speaker market.

Our plan was to differentiate SONOS from the competition by repositioning the brand from a technology company to a music brand for music lovers. Additionally, we wanted to create print images as compelling and provocative as some of music’s most iconic album artwork, worthy enough for fans to rip out of magazines and put up on their walls.


We licensed one of our favorite tracks, “Excision & Skism: by sEXisM, as this song has an intense sound and heavy bass. The more powerful the sound waves the more dynamic the movement of the non-Newtonian fluid, making it the perfect way to demonstrate the SONOS SUB’s power.


The photography helped establish SONOS in the market as a respected and artful brand. Brand awareness increased +15% and consumer perceptions of the brand as a quality product with great looking design saw significant improvements in key global markets.

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