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PUBLICIS SPORT, Paris / AXA / 2022

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Objectives :

- develop AXA sponsorship awareness

- Make people understand that AXA is a true partner in life, bringing the confidence you need to reach your goals.

- Express the brand global signature "Know You Can" through the LFC partnership


Support from others is key to build self-confidence and go further, whether it's finding your way back to success in football, succeeding in what you do, or regaining the taste for life after a serious accident.

2 years ago, Alan, a ’50 year supporter’ of Liverpool FC, had a stroke 200 miles from home that kept him away from his family for weeks. There he developed anxiety of being alone.

Few weeks after his return at home, AXA, main partner of the club, invited him back to Anfield Stadium for the 1st time since his accident to give him the biggest confidence boost a person can receive: hear his family and 53000 people sing for him the club’s Anthem : you’ll never walk alone.


To stress the fact that Axa is here to bring you the confidence you need when an accident in life occurs, we decided to tell a real story and boost someone confidence through the partnership.

Axa brand mission is expressed by its signature : Know you can. We wanted to bring it to life by uplifting someone who truly deserved it.

We focused on a real LFC fan and gave him the surprise of his life thanks to the LFC community and his family.


We filmed him during the whole match without Alan knowing why, and posted his story on LFC’s and AXA’s social media.

After seeing how Staff and Players took part of the happening, Alan received thousands of messages of support from fans all around the world.

That night: a 4-0 victory for LFC, and a victory for life for Alan who found in Liverpool’s community, the greatest of families.


1,5M million views and 6,5M impressions with ZERO media budget.

An increase in the engagement rate by 2 times & 17% increase in the impressions

A 99,7% positive sentiment measured among the LFC fans who saw the video.

And most importantly, one family incredibly happy to live this experience after what they've been through...

Alan received thousand of messages on social from people he doesn't even know.

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