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MINDSHARE UK, London / NIKE / 2013

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Ignite hunger

• The dominant brand in Munich at the UCL Final through OOH & ambient.

• The most talked about brand during the UCL final through TV, OL and social.

• Massive impact in Warsaw during the European Championships with game changing OOH & consumer hubs.

Reward hunger

• Hidden YouTube content with discovery prompted and amplified through social.

• Extension of idea into Xbox with FOT’s receiving and sharing virtual rewards.

• Blippr enabled print and interactive OOH enabled FOT’s to access more content.

• High impact interactive formats reflecting FOT’s passion by posting their views on a daily basis.

Enable hunger

• Activity underpinned by The Chance, a real life opportunity for the hungriest players to showcase skills in social media which for some led to real life trials and a Nike contract.

• Smart use of OL and mobile technology to link iconic players boots to retail activations whenever they scored.


Result: Hunger translated into double digit sales growth

Campaign result

• Media drove the fastest ever views of a Nike film with 756 views per minute at launch.

• The longest ever brand dwell time seen by Microsoft within a gaming environment.

• In total we created over 67 million minutes of brand engagement on-line.

Business result

“It created a ton of excitement on field, in-store and on-line that drove a double digit increase led by our replica apparel and our performance footwear” Charlie Denson, President of the Nike brand to Nike Inc. investors on September 27th 2012

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