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Vodafone has recently taken on a new strategy that explicitly states “Digital #1, however this was far from the level of awareness and engagement that Ana Vodafone app attracted. The main reason behind the inactivity is a result of customer’s lack of awareness of the app’s functions and lack of readiness to identify the app as their main platform that connects them with Vodafone. The brief was to create an awareness campaign to showcase the app functions and attract people through offering a promo code to be redeemed with free mega bytes and non telecom gifts on daily basis. With an objective to raise awareness, increase number of subscribers and establish Vodafone as competitive lead in the digital channels, by owning the digital world in the market and always introducing more benefits that ease the consumers day to day relationship with Vodafone.


The campaign was purely digital, so we had a golden opportunity to capture the growing Egyptian digital community which represents 40% of the Egyptian population by choosing one of the most trending icons on the Egyptian social platforms “Tameem Younes” to be the hero of this campaign. Tameem used to host webisodes that created intense social conversation between the digital population with ages between 16 to 40, who the internet, social media platforms and apps are essentials for their day to day. We wanted to create an attention-grabbing infomercial, that is fast, simple, humorous, straight to the point and most importantly having a very good surprise; the kardashian of the east; Tameem Younes a multi- exceptional talent, we saw this as the perfect formula the suites such challenging target; the millennial digital population.


The campaign was digital driven,it was essential to create content that caters to a very challenging and smart consumer with extremely different behavior compared to other mediums, we created an infomercial that explains the functionalities of the application with offering a promo-code as a bonus to add more excitement and maintain a desirable number of subscribers.The app functionalities were featured over 2 copies, each copy explained 2 important features, while having Tameem Younes play all the characters in all the copies adding a humorous element and a stopping power to the campaign. The campaign airing duration was 6 weeks on Facebook, Instagram,YouTube and after proving success it was pushed on selected TV channels. We also created stickers out of all Tameem characters that appeared in the film so it can be used as entertaining interactive replies to the customers whenever they comment or ask questions on Vodafone's Social platforms.


Daily app visits rose by 30% from 552K in March to 668K in April

Daily app subscribers rose by 18% from 375K in March to 442K in April

Active base rose up by 20%

Monthly Unique promo code redeemers: Up by 8% from March - April

Almost 2M organic reach in 1 day

Total impressions : 14M in 2 days

Total interactions: 24,947 in 2 days

Number of app downloads reached

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