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No restrictions around branded content were applicable to this case in the U.S., but as a matter of safety protocol, any situation with someone driving a Subaru was required to wear a seat belt. Separately, any content submitted as part of this initiative could not be recorded as intentionally hurtful, malicious or life-threatening.


We created the #NanaNanaSubaru celebrating the “best” of the internet. Tosh.0’s regular “Nana Nana Boo Boo, Stick Your Head in Doo-Doo” segment taunts and challenges viewers to do something that Tosh cannot or will not. But instead of fame, fans could win Tosh’s personal 2011 Subaru Outback.

Fans submitted a range of clips, from the guy who got a Tosh tattoo on his backside to the woman who thought she could Hula Hoop better than him. Fans watched submissions on the Comedy Central page or YouTube. The winner of Tosh’s car? The guy who literally stuck his head in (dog) doo-doo.


Subaru has a loyal and growing collection of followers but that group didn’t overlap with Tosh’s male, twenty-something fans. The more that people see what Subaru stands for, the automaker will continue to see its fortunes grow.

While Tosh.0 and Comedy Central seemed like an odd fit, Subaru and the Outback, opinion increased 38% and 58% above normal, respectively. Purchase intent and recommendation for Subaru also increased by an astounding 115% and 93%, respectively.

Fan reaction to the campaign was immediate and overwhelming and on premiere night, #NanaNanaSubaru became a national trend on Twitter. In fact, the entire campaign saw over 6,500 fan video submissions, 47 million overall social impressions, and the whole on-air campaign garnered more than 17.8 million views. This campaign was a win for Tosh, for Subaru and the fans were ready to go to extremes to be a part of the show and experience.

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