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On National Toilet Paper Day, America’s most forgettable day, we launched “Forgettable For All”, a sale on Amazon Subscribe & Save. By subscribing, consumers would be delivered Quilted Northern® automatically, so they would never have to think about buying (or using) toilet paper ever again.

First we launched a film recognizing that, like our product, National Toilet Paper Day itself is designed to be forgotten: there are no gifts parades or celebrations of any kind. The film closed by encouraging viewers to Subscribe & Save, and forget about both the holiday—and toilet paper—forever.

Then, since no branded holiday would be complete without a branded pop-up store experience, we created pop-up brick-and-mortar stores, but with a major twist: they were so small, users would have to order Quilted Northern® online using their mobile phones. In doing so, we attempted to change familiar shopping behaviors by flipping them on their head.


We brought the campaign to life in multiple ways:

-A “Forgettable for All” co-marketing video, promoted via the Quilted Northern® Facebook page, on YouTube and across Amazon.

-Over the course of about a month, we worked with fabricators at Unit9 to build miniature pop-up stores in which consumers could order Quilted Northern® from their phones. They also included sliding doors, air conditioning and a space where consumers could stick their heads inside to take selfies. These were placed in New York City and Seattle for one day: National Toilet Paper Day.

-We also created a 360-degree online tour of the pop-ups, which lived on social media and online on a pop-up store microsite.

-We leveraged the Amazon Advertising Platform to create a targeted display media campaign aimed at Amazon shoppers. This included a homepage takeover on mobile and a custom Amazon landing page.


Forgettable For All met or exceeded expectations in every metric. In a single day, our campaign sold two months worth of volume, representing a 6000 percent sales lift. The campaign garnered a total of 115 million impressions, with 22 million earned impressions across social and PR: twice our projections. And more than 32,000 people interacted in person with our pop-up stores in New York and Seattle.

Even though our activation lasted only one day, we were able to create a lasting pipeline of loyal and valuable customers. At least 30 percent of sales volume came from customers signing up for Amazon Subscribe & Save 40 times the daily average. This translates to an incremental 20,000 units over time—an enduring, profitable revenue stream beyond the day’s sales.

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