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Nature's Wonder

TBWA\NEBOKO, Amsterdam / HEINEKEN / 2016







The film starts in an ISS space station with 3 international scientists floating around. They are looking at a 4th astronaut, the Dutch scientist. To everyone’s surprise – The Dutch scientist takes out a beautiful green bottle of Heineken. He holds it up towards his colleagues inside the ISS and says: “Yuri, I know today is your birthday… Let’s celebrate the Dutch way!” The international scientists inside go insane. A bottle of Heineken! The floating astronauts push a button to pull the Dutch guy back inside. The safety cord starts moving. A sudden shock and the Dutch guy loses grip of the Heineken bottle. With the space station out of sight, and the bottle floating through space, we see the big sun looming in the background. At that point, we cut to the North of Finland. To the Northern Light. There are two Dutch man, with their Heineken, Nature's Wonder.

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