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 Sustainability is a lever to forge a premium image and is important for consumers. 63% of Spaniards are highly concerned by climate change. 50% consider sustainability when paying for products. The most habitual sustainable habit among Spanish consumers is reducing energy consumption (87%)***. 5G+ is a greener technology and consumes 90% less of energy.

 For Orange, the second brake on the consideration is a poor impression of its coverage compared with its competitors. 5G is a driver of consideration. Sending out a message of leadership in the rollout of a 5G network to society may help reduce the perception gap regarding coverage.

We want:

-To gain the consideration and enhance loyalty of valuable customers.

-Continue to build the image of a premium brand.

-Help improve the perception of reliability in coverage and Orange's 5G network.

-Boost association of Orange with commitments and values, while caring for the environment.


The casting process was very exahustive especially in the character of the child. We tried to look for someone that could convey intense emotions through a humorous story.


-Impact: the campaign had results of almost ten points above the recent norm and also more than 45% higher than the competence Movistar

-Engagement: the campaign had an engagement 27% higher than the recent norm.

-Change of behaviour: The campaign got the “Intention to get info about the company" around 47% above the recent norm, and the "Intention to buy" around 10% above from the recent norm.

-Brand perception: the campaign got in "It improves my opinion about the brand" 29% above from the recent norm helping towards the goals of premium and consideration.

-Achievement against objectives: In addition to what was mentioned in the last paragraph, the campaign got in "It is a company with the last technology” 26% higher than the recent norm working towards the goal of being a premium brand.

*Based on Orange internal studies

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