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FCB, Toronto / BMO (BANK OF MONTREAL) / 2016


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For the first time in NBA history, the 2016 All-Star game was being held outside of the US in Toronto, Canada - the birthplace of the game itself. The city was about to see an influx of very, very tall people and BMO wanted to make their stay as comfortable as possible. So we built the NBATM, a 10–foot tall ATM, that was the same height as a regulation basketball net.

Placed outside a conveniently located branch, the NBATM was ready-made for all those players who were tired of hunching over to bank.


The NBATM was an extra tall ATM made for extra tall NBA players. It stood at 10 feet tall, the same height as a regulation basketball net.

It was located in a heavily trafficked area in front of the Bank of Montreal’s flagship location, and outside of it’s NBA-friendly height, it was identical to the Bank of Montreal’s traditional ATM in every way.

Written on the ATM was the headline “The NBA All-Stars are Coming” and it was placed beside BMO’s regular-sized ATMs for scale.


The NBATM was able to hijack national and international headlines during the All-Star week. It was featured on CBC Canada, Buzzfeed, Fast Company and Fox Sports, to name a few, and it was an instant hit on social web channels, making the front page of Reddit within its first 24 hours.

When it was all said and done, one single installation earned over 28 million impressions in only 7 days. To put that in perspective, that’s 3 times more than the number of people who viewed the actual All-Star Game.

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