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New Ford Focus Launch - Production

FORD OTOSAN, Istanbul / FORD / 2019

Demo Film






This is the first-ever passenger vehicle TVC developed locally for Ford Turkey. That’s why, we have conducted several researches to understand the needs and wants of Turkish consumers.

Turkey is a country of heavy drivers, average driving time is very high compared to other countries (weekly average is 9.4 hours). Yet they don’t complain since it is a personal space that seperates you from others.

They define their cars as a friend, 2nd home, psychologist, spouse, food and water.

Especially, for C segment drivers, having a car is an indicator of status and ego satisfaction. It is a way to show off their identity.

Bringing all these together we have positioned Ford Focus as “the wingman that understands his owner, complements and makes him stronger.”

And the main idea of the campaign is based on this local positioning.


Creating an environment inspired by new Focus is more challenging than it seems. For the very reason, director SirFred, DoP Óscar Faura (Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom), a team of 16 builders, 2 award-winning art directors worked around the clock for weeks to create a space that depends less on post-production and more on physical realism.

Highly detailed 3D renditions of the set was designed first. Then after many ideation meetings, the final design were set to be executed with master craftmanship.

House’s architecture was very contemporary inspired from the aerodynamics of Focus, but in order to protect the sense of a home, a minimalistic perspective was chosen on spaces mixing modern surroundings with dated art pieces; 30 years old tree, rocks, wood and glass.

Interactive moveable parts were designed to help the camera and lighting team to catch great footage on camera. The final set spanned over two film studios.

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