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GT TOKYO, Tokyo / JAPAN POST CO. / 2010







One of Japan's cultural customs is the sending of New Year's greeting cards. Over 3,000,000,000 cards are sent every year. Friends send these cards to each other at the beginning of the year. At this time, Japan Post implements a special process system for sending these cards. The cards are not sent as soon as they are posted, but rather are held at the Japan Post Office to be sent out all together on New Year's day.

Our aim is to encourage the younger generation to write these New Year's greeting cards and keep up this Japanese tradition. Recently, the number of New Year's greeting cards sent in Japan is on the decline. Young people of today, especially those so-called 'Digital Natives' are not used to the custom of hand writing letters. Rather than sending New Year's cards, they are sending their greetings by phone mails (SMS).The 'Interactive brand experience' is outlined in the 2 points below : - The experience of seeing yourself posting your New Year's greeting card into a giant postbox projected on the screen.

- This personalised on-brand movie of you posting the card can be sent along with the actual card and accessed by the receiver of your card by their cell phone.*From the moment of sending to the moment the card arrives, its journey through the Japan postal service's careful hands is captured and made into a movie.The movie describe that the postal service is connecting people.In one hour about 200 cards were sent, a total of 11,000 cards were sent during the event period.Around 2400 people participated.*The event period was 57hrs (6 hours a day over 10days, exclude press event time).Attendance at the media event:300,000 people.Publicity:about 1 million USD.Around 90% of participants accessed to the campaign site to view their movie.Over 85% of recipients accessed to the movie of them.A collaboration of a digital media and the 'analogue' action of sending a New Year's card has encouraged sending them and invented a new way of saying 'Happy New Year!’

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